Buffalo Fuel Corp. | A Covanta Company

Sustainability and Engineered Fuel

Sustainable reuse practices.

At BFC, we understand that any downtime can have an impact on our customers’ business. So we have a 15,000 square-foot maintenance facility serviced by a team of experienced and expert mechanics. Our full-service team utilizes modern tools, training programs and technologies to keep our exceptional fleet running at optimum efficiency. The BFC team is trained in several disciplines and specializes in tractors, dumps, vans, walking-floors, vacuum tanks, tankers, pneumatics, roll-off chassis, payloaders, excavators and other equipment.

Bulk storage.

BFC operates a 20-acre, CSX-served and fully-permitted NYSDEC recycling site to manage bulk inventory and provide recycling services. Some of the commodities handled are metals, OCC cardboard, fibers, scrap tires, biomass and more. We provide tailored solutions for our customer to manage their inventory and provide door-to-door or just-in-time services.

Properly permitted.

BFC’s sister company—SGS Recovery—operates a full line of shredding and cleaning equipment including non-ferrous and ferrous removal systems. SGS and BFC combine to provide a full-service solution for all your waste needs. In addition to providing streams to waste and energy facilities, SGS can engineer fuel from waste streams providing low-carbon fuels for cement kilns and other utilities.


Recycling Facility Permit Info: NYSDEC Part 360 Permit#9-2911-004004

Certified Destruction/Recycling Services/Zero Landfill Solutions

Tire recycling.

BFC can manage all your tire recycling needs from collection to responsible shredding. Unlike many of our competitors, the tires we collect are turned into a beneficial reuse whether it’s crumb rubber or alternative fuel. The BFC fleet of 65 tractors offers reliable service while SGS Recovery ensures your tires are beneficially reused. Furthermore, our ability to offer price stability is unmatched. Not only does BFC handle your tires but we are your one-stop shop for all recycling needs.

Engineered fuels.

SGS Recovery recovers waste streams through a series of shredders and metal recovery systems to ensure proper sizing and cleaning. Our fuels are cleaned of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in addition to being customized to our customers needs. With over 20 years experience and well over 500,000 tons of custom fuels generated for our customers, including power plants, paper mills and cement kilns, our fuel production experience is unmatched. Today we provide engineered fuels consisting of:

  • Low Chlorine Plastics Flake
  • Tire and Rubber Waste
  • Biomass
  • Tissue

Apply to drive.

If you’re looking for a rewarding career in transportation hauling, BFC is ready to put you on the road to success. With salaries well above the industry average, full benefits and trips that get you home every week, BFC fosters a family culture based in safety, earnings and rewards.