Buffalo Fuel Corp. | A Covanta Company

Equipment and Maintenance

We take care of our own.

At BFC, we understand that any downtime can have an impact on our customers’ business. So we have a 15,000 square-foot maintenance facility serviced by a team of experienced and expert mechanics, operators and laborers. Our full-service team utilizes modern tools, training programs and technologies to keep our exceptional fleet running at optimum efficiency. The BFC team is trained in several disciplines and specializes in tractors, dumps, vans, walking-floors, vacuum tanks, tankers, pneumatics, roll-off chassis, payloaders, excavators and other equipment.

As a comprehensive maintenance center, BFC keeps its fleet on the road with the following services:

New York State Inspections

Federal DOT Truck and Trailer Inspections

Parts Replacement

Minor/Major Repairs

Road Call Services

Hydraulic Hoses

Computer Diagnostics for OEM Trucks

Preventative Maintenance



Routine Oil Changes

And More…

Required excellence.

Our services are only as good as the team executing them and the tools that the team uses to get the job done. The diversified equipment and management at BFC allow for the safe transportation of materials throughout North America. All of our equipment is maintained above Federal and State requirements and is upheld by our ongoing, rigorous preventative maintenance program, led by a team of experienced mechanics, operators and laborers. This program ensures that BFC tractors and trailers are safe and capable of meeting the requirements of our clients’ projects while avoiding breakdowns and delays.

Properly equipped.

BFC always ensures the right equipment for the job. Should you require customized equipment, BFC will acquire it as needed. All quotes for rates, services and special projects are arranged through the BFC corporate offices in Niagara Falls, NY. This ensures equipment compatibility utilization of proper state transporter permits and the allocation of specialized equipment as needed for particular loads.

Walking Floors (2-Axle, 3-Axle, 4-Axle, Divisible Load Permits)


25- and 35-Yard Roll-Boxes

Roll-Off Chassis




Industrial Glass

Apply to drive.

If you’re looking for a rewarding career in transportation hauling, BFC is ready to put you on the road to success. With salaries well above the industry average, full benefits and trips that get you home every week, BFC fosters a family culture based in safety, earnings and rewards.