BFC is a firm believer in accountability and that safety is an essential part of our corporate social responsibility. Our employees and customers are our most valued assets. Our dedication to creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, injury-free work atmosphere is our main priority.

BFC has set forth decades of practice and standards of excellence for all of our employees expecting the very best from their performance. As a partner in the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care initiative, we have implemented a Responsible Care Management System that highlights our commitment to the safety of our employees, drivers and the community in which we operate. We thrive to ensure safe, secure transportation of our customers’ products.

Our in-house compliance department oversees the safety performance of our business operations, ensuring that BFC adheres to applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements including OSHA, US Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Our employees participate in on-going safety training and awareness programs to promote continuous improvement in our safety performance that supports our overall goal of Zero Injuries, Zero Accidents.